• On August 4th, 1819, after the defeat of General Barreiro in the Pantano de Vargas battle, La Casona del Salitre was the meeting place of Generals Bolivar and Soublette, who stayed overnight in it, with their military staff, during three days.
  • When Independence was consolidated, Ortiz family recovered La Casona del salitre, which was then owned by notable Boyacá families until it was sold to the department.
  • Those who visit it today find one of the most faithful reflections of the classic colonial mansion. And this is due to the magnificent work carried out by the artist Luis Alberto Acuña, who had the mission of restoring it during the government of General Gustavo Rojas Pinilla in the fifties.


Centenary Hacienda el Salitre, nowadays constituted as an exclusive hotel, conserving a colonial style, home to important historical events, has the San Antonio de Padua chapel, which is designed with a conducive architecture to celebrate intimate ceremonies, as well as keep religious works dating from the eighteenth century, which have a valuable spiritual significance.

It also has rooms for social, corporate and business events, which also preserve the colonial essence, as well as its imposing corridors, terraces and courtyards, providing to the Hacienda el Salitre, an ideal place for the realization of important events.

The Hacienda el Salitre Hotel, has in its exclusive environment with 24 rooms, characterized with history and epoch; they are distributed as follows: 20 standard rooms, two luxury rooms with small thermal water pool and a suite with fireplace.





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